by A Yawn Worth Yelling

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Yes, you can download this EP for free. All we ask is that you show a friend our music, and that you enjoy what we have to offer. Thank you for your time.


released August 19, 2011

Brayden Deskins
Johannes Heine
Tyler Boyd
Joseph Pisacane
Taylor Stover

Produced, engineered and mixed by Kenneth Alarcon at Sound Management studios in San Jose, CA.

For booking and all other inquiries, please email ayawnworthyelling@gmail.com



all rights reserved


A Yawn Worth Yelling San Jose, California

We're putting the "angst" back in "gangsta".

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Track Name: 1,001, Actually
Well, it's strange, it's obscene, but please, don't make a scene. I'm in over my head,
And the terrors and shrouds are yelling louder than loud 'cause I'm not in my bed.
And you with no sense of tact looked at me so abstract that it caught both my eyes,
And my arms as a nest, your face hit my chest as you started to cry.

And I know a thousand times I've said: "With me you'd be better off dead."
And I built these walls not to keep you out, but to see if you would be the one to break them down.

Look at the state of things.
Wrap yourselves in toiletries:
The motel of our mind.

All our pictures in mind are what we left behind in the gathering gloom,
But I miss your straw hair which you tossed with a flare when I entered the room.
Oh, and the residue of me and you will always be my cross to bare...
Oh, I was the thirty-first man to fall into your plan and that's my cross to bare...

I'm still as a stone just waiting for this lonesomeness to fade
and people tell me: "Cheer up kid!"
But they don't feel the hole like I did...
Ripping, tearing, clawing, glaring, gnashing, mashing
my chest bearing my heart to the world until it bursts.
Track Name: This Inherent Omniscience
You're pumping dried blood and all the words I never spoke fit the world just like a glove.

My height grows like moss, and I know it's daunting, but hopefully my words will come across.

Silence sounds the same; let's break the monotony.
And words cannot contain the quietness overflowing.

We are young, and we must learn by ourselves,
This inherent omniscience.

We are young.

Even if I had say, I'd bet you all the sand dollars in the water, in the ocean I wouldn't want it any other way.

And I'm not unique, I am merely a teenager sharing his thoughts with a melody and some strings.

Looking for perspective, in things I cannot see.
When all I've wanted all along is a little stability.

But, we are young, and we must learn by ourselves,
This inherent omniscience.

We are buildings.
We are earthquakes.
We are tremors.
We are young.
Track Name: Auzerais
If I had a nickel for every time I had a nickel I'd still be middle class.

In the morning there were cracks over which we stumbled.
And half-past ten there sprung a leak, and afternoon it crumbled.
Track Name: Nothing in the End
The sun turned blue, and the sea turned yellow,
In time we asked ourselves why?
Why is that?
Oh sweet consequences. My mind went black, and my eyes, they came back.

The knots we’ve tied, so strong, yet all too composed are all that we know.
Know that we cannot be answered
Not like this, no, not like this.

And we wonder why we never saw this coming.

It’s simple that we never gave it thought.
No, we never thought it would be us.
Growing up nobody ever does.
And then it happens.